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Congratulations Akshi – COO at Project Morry


Congratulations Akshi – COO at Project Morry

Akshi Federici shares good news in this post as she kicks off the new year with a new position.

Big News! I am thrilled to share that I am starting as hashtag#COO at Project Morry. 

For 25 Years, Project Morry has been transforming lives, communities across the hashtag#newyork tri-state area by engaging with nearly 400 selected young students deeply, consistently, and transformatively over a crucial 10-year period during their primary education. 

From communities where high school graduation rates are as low as 61%, Project Morry alumni’s academic outcomes are a direct testament to the tangible, impressive, and lasting impact of my team. 

🏆 98% graduate from High School 

🥂 85% go on to Higher education 

👩‍🎓 91% of college students obtain their degree 

🙌 75% are first time college graduates in their families 

📣 81% maintain their commitment over 10 years to this program 

In the third phase of my career, my resolve to only dedicate my full time efforts to a team that is dynamic, capable and comprised of terrific humans has rewarded me wildly beyond my expectations given – imho – this combination is rare to find regardless of how well funded companies or entire industries are. 

Thanks to Dawn Ewing and the spectacular Project Morry Board including (Adam Diamond, Tony Stein, and Eric Kayne) as well as everyone I spoke with during the interview process – I am honored to join the mission and appreciate how professional, thoughtful, thorough, and efficient you all are. 

If anyone in my network is curious to learn more about Project Morry especially if you care about hashtag#community, the hashtag#newyork Tri-State area as a resident, or are looking to learn more about why me and other The Wharton School alums are getting involved here; please DM me and we should talk. 


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