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Client event planning checklist


Client event planning checklist

I’m inspired by Amanda Setili, who for years (pre-COVID) organized semi-annual events in Atlanta that brought together 40+ senior executives for a panel discussion or featured speaker. During COVID she has organized a series of virtual events.

A few outcomes of these events:

– Amanda collected content for her first book, The Agility Advantage
– Amanda learned what problems were top of mind for her clients and target clients
– Attendees made valuable connections with other attendees
– Amanda built a reputation as a key connector
– Multiple project opportunities came out of each event
– Amanda had a good reason to make outbound calls to all the people in her core network to invite them to come

We received very positive feedback from the session Amanda led last week on how she organizes these events.

You can download her client event planning checklist here.

Watch the video of the event here.

Also: Visit the website of Amanda’s firm (one of the best I’ve seen) and connect with Amanda on LinkedIn.