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Canada’s Stand against China


Canada’s Stand against China

Anders Corr shares an article published in Epoch Times that explores Canada’s relationship with China. 

On Christmas, Canada’s Global television aired an interview with the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He made excellent points on the need for democracies and their allies to cooperate more in dealing with the China threat.

“We’ve been competing and China has been, from time to time, very cleverly playing us off each other in an open market, competitive way,” he said, according to a Reuters report.

“We need to do a better job of working together and standing strong so China can’t play the angles and divide us one against the other.”

Canada has in fact joined allies to take a few tough stands against Beijing.

That vast country to America’s north is joining the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be held in February. (Too bad Ottawa didn’t publicly offer to hold the games in Canada.)

Ottawa stuck to the 2018 detention of Meng Wanzhou for over two years despite intense economic and diplomatic pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Chinese police took two Canadians hostage, named Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, just days after the Meng detention.

That medieval response to the Meng arrest did more to wake up the Canadian public, along with the 30,000 deaths from COVID-19, than it did to soften Canada’s China policies.

Canadians are now paying attention to Beijing.


Key points include:

  • Unmitigated free trade agreements
  • Conservatives in Canada
  • Wilful blindness

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