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Assorted Links, January 27, 2020


Assorted Links, January 27, 2020


1. “Ma computes that between 2014 and 2018, China lost 17 million industrial jobs while adding 46 million service jobs. ” The Money Illusion

2. “I’m going to describe an industry. Then, you’re going to guess which one I’m talking about. You have three choices: commerce, education, or politics.” David Perrell asks What the hell is going on?

3. 10 CRM systems for freelancers. This article doesn’t include Pipedrive, which is the CRM I recommend.

4. Government Schooling and Supermarkets. Cafe Hayek

5. 14 ways to get your clients to pay your invoices faster.

6. Guide to Internal Communication, the Basecamp Way

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