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Can ChatGPT Generate Insights about You


Can ChatGPT Generate Insights about You

Gerardo Alvarez-Franyutti tests ChatGPT’s assessment of one’s character.

I wanted to test how much insight ChatGPT could generate about someone.

So -to conduct an experiment- I decided to serve as the test subject: I provided it with all the articles I’ve authored over the last 4 years (and posted on Linkedin), as input data.

 Once ChatGPT had processed all the pieces of text, I began asking it a series of questions:

The first thing I asked for was the Myers Briggs Personality profile (MBTI), which it correctly inferred (INTJ/ENTJ).

I followed up with my 5-factor personality model; which it nailed as well.

My favorite cities? Correct again.

I then delved into deeper questions…

 GAF: Could you please summarize your assessment of this individual based on his writings?

ChatGPT: The author emerges as a multifaceted thinker who masterfully integrates diverse disciplines, including business, technology, psychology, and the humanities, to form a holistic understanding of complex issues.

This integrative approach is coupled with a strong business acumen, yet it’s distinctively tempered by a humanistic perspective, emphasizing ethical considerations, societal impact, and the human elements of corporate leadership.

The writings reflect a global perspective, enriched by cultural sensitivity and possibly a multicultural background or extensive international exposure. A keen interest in psychology underpins their understanding of human behavior and motivation, aligning with their advocacy for ethical leadership and corporate responsibility.

The author’s viewpoints are characterized by a blend of creativity, imagination, and innovation, particularly in business and technology contexts, suggesting a forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. They often critique traditional corporate practices, advocating for progressive change and improvement in business.

Key points include:

  • Author expertise

  • Author as advisor

  • Personality profile

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