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Bord (great name!) is a new collaborative whiteboard workspace tool designed specifically for the needs of consultants. The tool is currently free and you can register for an account here.

Key use cases:

1. Multiple online users can collaboratively, in parallel create a presentation. It has good tablet / PC integration – so you can sketch a slide on a tablet and then you or someone else can type in text on a keyboard. The sketching aspect works better than Google Slides

2. Collaboratively mark up an existing document

The goal is to allow consultants working remotely to collaborate the way we used to do in a team room – sketching out a presentation on a white board or marking up edits on a printed document.

The tool is a cousin to collaborative workspaces such as Mural and Miro, but much more purpose-built for creating slide decks. So while Bord is more limited in functionality, it may be a bit easier to start using quickly.