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Bold Goals for Your Product Vision


Bold Goals for Your Product Vision

Janet Bumpas shares an article designed to improve your product vision.

We all know that you want to be bold in your Product Vision.

But how bold is too bold?

Lenny Rachitsky highlighted four things related to this in his recent podcast with Edi Atawodi.  He believes that a Product Vision has to be:

·       Lofty

·       Realistic

·       Devoid of any tech or limitations of today

·       Grounded in a very clear and potent user problem.

So let’s look at that tension between the first two, lofty and realistic.


On the one hand, we want to go as big as possible.  Shoot for the moon as, as the saying goes, if you fail, at least you land among the stars.  If you are not ambitious enough, you may end up with a Product Vision that is just a glorified road map.  “It’s not just about the next six months,” says Ebi.  “If it’s the next six months, do the tweet.”  A Product Vision is an evergreen thing that takes a company out four, five years.

And it would be a shame to do all the work and you take that time to craft a Product Vision if you don’t get all the rewards.  A strong Product Vision means a lot more velocity – everyone is rowing in the same direction.  And it helps evangelizes both within the company and with potential recruits.  Ebi Atwood recalls talking with candidates and saying, “Hey, my team’s mission is expression meets connection, our vision is this.” Then their eyes light up and you can see the twinkle.

So go big.


But then the tension comes with remaining realistic. Jack Berglund, Director of Product Management at Thomson Reuters and former CPO at Doodle and Chat Roulette, highlights two ways that a company may not remain realistic:

Key points include:

  • Being grounded in reality

  • Core values and competencies

  • Authentic feedback mechanisms

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