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An Associates Roadmap to Success


An Associates Roadmap to Success

In this article shared by Duane Capuano, key thoughts on strategic planning provide a roadmap for associates to achieve success.

Countless association executive teams dedicate significant time and resources to strategic planning. But too often, great ideas and plans stay trapped in the notebook and are quickly moved to the back burner – reduced in priority by more pressing day-to-day management and operational demands. The need for implementation of forward-looking strategic plans is real and more pressing than ever. Today’s association executives face frustrations of plateaued growth, shrinking revenues and inability to move new ideas into action.

Challenge: Finding New Sources of Revenue

Tightened member budgets have contributed to flat or declining membership and lower attendance at annual meetings, and thus, lower association revenue. Associations must create new products, establish new partnerships, and identify innovative opportunities for engagement to stay relevant. But how…?

Challenge: Growing and Engaging Membership

The professional networking available through social media and new priorities of the Millennial Generation demands that associations find new ways of attracting and engaging members. But how…?

Challenge: Providing Education Alternatives

With the increasing availability of online education alternatives and massive open online courses (MOOCs), the association/continuing education classes are less necessary and not always relevant to members. Associations must provide innovative, accessible continuing education options in order to compete. But how…?

Challenge: Providing Print and Digital Content Alternatives

Information that associations formerly provided exclusively is now readily available with a simple Google search. So in order to stay relevant, associations must produce engaging content and make it increasingly accessible. But how…?

Challenge: Resolving the Disconnect between Strategy and Technology

Many associations do not have robust IT staffs or leadership teams that include a technology expert, which can result in technology initiatives not being part of the organization’s strategy. Associations must use existing technology staff or other resources to acquire and implement new software, or modify existing software to achieve strategic goals. But how…?

Sound familiar? Read on … there is another road! It’s time to move your strategic plan off the notepad and into implementation in your association.


Key points include:

  • Building the business case
  • Defining priorities
  • Establishing metrics


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