Aid delivered to Ukraine


Aid delivered to Ukraine

Aid delivered to Ukraine

Aid to Ukraine

Umbrex member Michael Pani led a successful effort to procure and deliver 31 pallets of supplies (shown above) to the Poland-Ukraine border, including:

20,000 portions of ready meals
Baby milk powder for 14,000 bottles
4,000 diapers
1,000 portions of ready food for toddlers
900 gallons of UHT milk
200 sleeping bags
150 pacifiers
100 tourniquets
50 large first aid kits
And tooth brushes and tooth paste, liquid soap, sanitary napkins and toilet paper

4 pallets were distributed to 30 foster families being supported by Umbrex
25 pallets were distributed to Yuzhnoukrainsk, a city hosting a very large number of internally displaced people. You can read a thank you letter to Michael from a People’s Deputy of Ukraine here.
2 pallets with medical supplies and emergency food rations to Kyiv

The supplies and transportation cost $50,000, of which Michael paid $20,000 out of his own pocket. Michael raised $30,000 in donations, including significant contributions from this community.

Michael writes: “I would love to send more aid – particularly as I have now figured out where to best source the required goods at the lowest price and how to get it most economically to the border. But I will need help from others to fund future shipments.”

If you’d like to help fund the next truckload, let us know.