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Accelerating Buildings Decarbonization 


Accelerating Buildings Decarbonization 

Nathan Pamart shares the latest Climate Tech podcast in his series that interviews people from the companies leading the global race to decarbonisation.

In this episode, you are going to learn about a company building a marketplace to help building owners get to net zero by helping them measure their energy footprint, and fund certified energy efficiency projects through a marketplace. 

WattCarbon is a San Francisco based company that focuses on building a clean energy platform that connects organization to carbon free distributed energy resources. On their marketplace, you can access a wide range of procurement options, including renewable energy demand response and electrification projects.

As a building owner or really as an organization, you can fund those projects and they can contribute to your net zero strategy. In a way, it’s like planting a tree, but instead of planting a tree, you’re actually funding the deployment of a heat pump or of a battery that can help provide the grid with clean energy at the time that is actually needed.

WattCarbon recently raised $4.5M in Seed funding, in a round led by True Ventures, with participation from Village Global, Jetstream, Not Boring Capital, Keiki Capital, Rick Stratton, Chris Vargas, Greensoil PropTech Ventures, Nexus Labs, and Andrew Karsh.

WattCarbon is going after the building sector emissions, which represent up to 40% of total emissions, when you look at the consumption of buildings and CO2 emission associated with them. So this is a very exciting discussion. 

We go deep into the architecture of these markets with McGee, who has multiple climate tech startup experiences under his belt. 


Key points include:

  • Sector emissions
  • Net zero strategy
  • Energy footprint


Access the full podcast, Accelerating buildings decarbonization, with McGee Young, Founder & CEO WattCarbon, on