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A Supervisor’s Hierarchy of Needs


A Supervisor’s Hierarchy of Needs


Discover thirteen ways to improve leadership on the shop floor in this older, but always relevant, post from John Sturdivant

Frontline operations leaders have a tough job, and I’ve seen huge ranges in styles and effectiveness. The best leaders are caring, but know when to be tough. They have their priorities straight, and say no to everything else. They have invested time and effort into building an infrastructure for team performance. And most importantly, they have mutual trust with their team. Below are some of the tactical ways these great leaders get outstanding results from their teams.

 1) They make their expectations clear and concrete

What do they do? the team behind a great leader always knows the precise metrics and standards that are important to the leader and the business, so they aren’t surprised when they exceed or fall behind those expectations. 

Why do they do this? Because people have to know what they are striving before, and they have to know the expectations put upon them for any accountability culture to take hold. Surprises are for birthdays, not setting the direction and ambition for your team.


Key points include:

  • Team engagement
  • Time management 
  • Performance and improvement


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