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A Story of Intrapersonal Intelligence


A Story of Intrapersonal Intelligence

Rahul Bhargava shares the story of David Reynolds and how it relates to the study of intrapersonal intelligence.

It is important to determine a person’s intelligence at the early stage of life. In doing so, they can receive proper guidance to achieve success in their respective fields. To enhance the intelligence we possess, intrapersonal intelligence plays a very crucial role. A person should follow a set of guidelines in his life to increasing productivity, concentration, and a positive outlook towards life. Intrapersonal intelligence speaks all about a man’s curiosity, critical thinking, introspection, self-reflectivity about any topic that interests them. But, before delving more into the study of intrapersonal intelligence, let us start with a story.

The story of David Reynolds

Reynolds is a 24-year old junior engineer working in a petrochemical plant. He is very sincere at his job and is on good terms with his colleagues and his boss. One day his boss called him into the office and the situation went something like this.

Boss: Hey Reynolds. Please have a seat.

Reynolds: Hello sir. I heard you called me urgently.

Boss: Yes, I did. It’s been almost a year that you are working for the company. You have always been a very dedicated engineer meeting your targets before the deadline. I even remember you received the best employee of the month in the first month of your joining itself.

Reynolds: Thank you very much sir. I have always tried to give my best when it comes to my work.

Boss: Sorry to inform you Reynolds but your last quarterly report speaks otherwise. It seems like you are not able to meet your target within the deadline for the past few weeks. I have also noticed that you are entering late in office often. Is there something you are worried about or this job doesn’t interest you anymore?

Reynolds: Sir, I can assure you that I am very dedicated to this company and there is nothing that you should worry about.

Boss: Well, your lack of interest and poor performance is currently worrying me very much. I don’t want to be harsh on you but you should understand even if I work under someone as well. If you can’t meet the target deadline I am answerable to someone and I am not going to be held responsible for someone else’s incompetence. You are good employee Reynolds, don’t fail me next time. Get back to work.

What just happened, Reynolds thought in his mind. He is working for almost a year in this company and his boss has never behaved with him like this before. This got Reynolds into thinking that what made his performance go down? He didn’t reach the last few targets by deadline and didn’t even realise this until now. It is like he is trying to give his best in work, but at times he keeps forgetting things or misses one or two events from his daily schedule. Now that he got into thinking if his productivity has decreased in the last few months, he realised how far he is from reaching his target.

Key points include:

  • Addressing lack of interest and poor performance
  • Reaching targets and deadlines

  • Communication skills

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