A Resource on the Digitalization of Your Business


A Resource on the Digitalization of Your Business


Morten Stilling shares an insightful white paper that explains what the SPOT model is and why it can help you through the initial digital discovery process. 

The SPOT Model is a simple but powerful methodology for digitalizing your business with a clear outset in your business strategy. It brings out experienced pains and identified opportunities, and observes common themes found across these.

  • Strategic objectives guiding your business
  • Pains experienced by your organization
  • Opportunities identified by your team
  • Themes observed across pains and opportunities

When you apply The SPOT Model to your digital discovery process, you get off to a good start on your Digitalization journey.

Strategic objectives

All activities in a business should take its outset in business strategy. If your business does not have a well-defined and broadly-communicated strategy, stop reading, go develop one, and tell your employees what it means.

Everyone involved in the digital discovery process must be aware of the context within which the process will be undertaken. Is your business, for example, planning to grow organically or through acquisitions? Are you expecting to expand geographically? Do you have cost-down initiatives in the making? Such strategic plans are important to discuss so all involved have a shared understanding of the industry, company, and market position.


Key points include:

  • Opportunities identified
  • Themes observed
  • After digital discovery: prioritization, delivery and benefit realization


Read the full white paper, The SPOT Model for Digital Discovery, on spot-solutions.dk.