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A Primer on Preparing for the Future of Consulting


A Primer on Preparing for the Future of Consulting

Porus Daruvala shares a post on preparing for the future of consulting.

Every consulting firm in the world, including all my former employers (McKinsey & Company, EY, Deloitte, Lotis Blue Consulting (formerly Axiom Consulting Partners)) are (most likely) actively preparing for the future of consulting and how to stay relevant given the rapid advancements in AI and RPA that will inevitably automate large swaths of consulting work. Add on the gig working model, expert networks and perhaps most importantly, evolving client expectations and the challenge literally becomes existential.

This was the backdrop for a recent discussion I had with a top tier consulting firm. The core focus was on determining how they could serve their clients in new, bold and distinctive ways (beyond teams of consultants operating with cookie cutter leverage models, business models or solutions). I’m reproducing (the non-confidential portions of) my high level take below in the hope that it helps my consulting friends and beyond. Be forewarned – what I describe below is a BIG lift. All reactions (and debates!) welcome.

Solution Hypothesis

A SELF SERVE online platform that hosts a well-integrated and well-rounded suite of “apps” (Products, Solutions, Bots, Service offerings across industries/practice areas) that can be deployed individually or in smartly designed bundles on demand with as little human intervention as desired. Apps could include:

Firm proprietary research, content, frameworks

AI/ML related models, bots, platforms

Data, Analytics, Benchmarking Tools/Bots

Diagnostic Tools/Bots

Market Intelligence Tools/Bots

Operational Intelligence Tools/Bots

Entirely new offerings

Curated and/or specialized third party offerings

All “apps” can be supplemented by targeted human expertise from a firm expert, full team, external experts (government, healthcare, web3, cyber sec), a curated community of executives

Key points include:

  • Benefits for the firm
  • Benefits for clients
  • Solution Hypothesis

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