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A New Paradigm for Your Organization


A New Paradigm for Your Organization


Kaihan Krippendorff provides a framework that can be used to address and adjust the paradigm of your organization. 

At Outthinker, we have been tracking a sea change in the idea of a corporation’s shift for two decades. We have witnessed a slow but determined march away from the view that corporations exist to serve shareholders toward one in which corporations recognize they serve many masters: employees, communities, the environment, the world. In our 2012 book, Outthink the Competition, we dedicated an entire chapter to “Be Good,” writing that “there is a shift under way from making money to doing good.”

This “be good” idea has, like all concepts, evolved as it interacts with the ideas and trends of the day. From a fairly paternalistic “big companies should take care of the little people” paradigm, it evolved into adopting the triple bottom line (TBL) framework and a corporate social responsibility (CSR) business model, to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework. Each acronym influenced the name we placed on the swell as “be good” rose to the surface.

Today, we are close to realizing the next evolution of this debate: what is the purpose of a corporation that wishes to endure? If you lead or work within an organization that wants to remain relevant in the next era, you want to quickly grasp what it means to “be good.”


Key points include:

  • What the new paradigm is not
  • Why missions are not enough
  • Removing the roots of the old paradigm


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