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A Health Warning on Cybercrime


A Health Warning on Cybercrime

Alex Sharpe shares an older but relevant article with links to sources  and on the danger of cybercrime in health technology and other industries. 

The cyber industry has a long history of dealing with data and information in both paper and in digital formats. The information in our DNA is different. DNA is who we are. When compromised, it is not something we can change like a lost password or username or even a Social Security Number (SSN). We cannot even conceive of its value. There is no practical way of quantifying the financial impact of its loss.

Back in October 2021, @Eamon Javers (CNBC Senior Washington Correspondent) reported on a “stark warning” from U.S. Intelligence Officials that the U.S. could lose its status as a Global Superpower if we do not retain our edge in five key technologies:






A description from the @National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), including a description of Foreign Interest in these five technologies and the threat to the West, can be found here: Technologies_Factsheet_10_22_2021.pdf

Underlying the potential loss of a dominant edge in the #BioEconomy is the loss of #DNA and the use of #AI to unlock the value within the information.

We know our rivals are exploiting every means at their disposal – legal and illegal – to capture technology and valuable data, such as DNA. They are using everything from Joint Ventures (JVs) to cybercrime to espionage.

An article from Reuters warns how we may be inadvertently giving away our genetic data. Those releases we sign often state our data will be leaving the U.S. – sometimes blatantly, sometimes buried in the fine print.


Key points include:

  • China’s push to control Americans’ health care future
  • How to protect DNA
  • Bioterrorism


Read the full article, DNA Is Data and The Bad Guys Want It, on LinkedIn.