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A Gratitude Process to Engage and Retain Employees


A Gratitude Process to Engage and Retain Employees

Susan Drumm shares a podcast from her series, The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews Chris Shembra on the many benefits of developing a gratitude process. 

Wellness is so much more than physical and mental health.  

For decades, physical health was the number one conversation happening in the wellness space. Food and exercise were the primary focus.

Over time, the conversation started expanding to mental health. Meditation, going to therapy and prioritizing mindfulness became more common.

Now, a shift is happening. Chris Schembra, USA Today’s gratitude guru, believes there’s a new frontier in health and well-being: social health. Emotional, interpersonal relationships are the next step in the wellness journey. Gratitude, Chris says, is the key to deepening relationships.

With a massive lack of connection in the workplace, executives and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to build lasting community within their companies.  

Chris Schembra is the bestselling author of Gratitude and Pasta: The Secret Sauce for Human Connection, ranked by Forbes as the #2 Book of 2020 to Create Human Connections. He’s used the principles of gratitude to spark over 500,000 relationships around the dinner table serving fortune 50 CEOs, Olympians, Academy Award winners, Grammy-winning artists and even Super Bowl champions. He founded 747 with a mission to create meaningful connection through his 7:47 gratitude experience.

In the latest episode of The Enlightened Executive podcast, Chris shares the transformational power of gratitude and how to foster a sense of community in the virtual and in-person workplace.


Key points include:

  • The transformational process
  • Processing setbacks
  • Why gratitude is key


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