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A Forecast on this Time of Transition 


A Forecast on this Time of Transition 



David Uriarte explores the limitations and opportunities in the future of travel. 

In the travel industry, we are currently living devastating times. During these days, like many others, I try to imagine how the future of travel will be after Covid-19. In this process, analyze the new limits and new opportunities is a common exercise.

In Europe, in the short term, many resort hotels are opening in June or July, with lower occupancies than expected, but probably with a larger “summer” season. City hotels will wake up in September. By 2021 there will be a strong recovery, but still not reaching 2019 levels which I believe will be reached in 2022. Nearby hotels, that can be reached by car, will have a substantial advantage over the hotels you need to reach by plane or boat. The word in travel this year is short: short stay, short distance, and short booking window.

I would clearly separate two moments in time, the short term, that is today, that many calls new normal and the medium term, after the pandemic is gone. It is a fact that the pandemic will go, maybe because of the discovery of a vaccine or because of other reasons.


Points in this article include:

  • Effects on the travel industry
  • The use of technology
  • The long and short term


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