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A Focused Lens on the Future: Q & As with Faith Popcorn


A Focused Lens on the Future: Q & As with Faith Popcorn

What if a futurist could answer questions posed by CSOs? The following article shared by Kaihan Krippendorff reveals the answers to ten questions asked of renowned futurist Faith Popcorn.

Earlier this month, The Outthinker Strategy Network hosted futurist Faith Popcorn as a roundtable guest. Faith joined our community of chief strategy officers and executives to talk about trends that will have the biggest impact this year and over the next decade.

As each member shared their most critical concerns, the questions themselves were powerful enough to spark an extensive conversation into Faith’s predictions, and what they will mean for life and business. This list of key questions from the group, along with Faith’s foresight, offers a lens to focus your attention as you look to the future.

  1. What is the future of work? 

How will companies best get work done? What will jobs look like? How will people get hired?

Faith warns that the Oxford University forecast that over 40% of US workers will lose their jobs by 2035 is quickly becoming a reality. Lifelong loyalty to a single employer is no longer the norm. She has long predicted the continued rise of entrepreneurship and the gig economy.

Workers of the future will be matched to multiple jobs, likely by AI, that suit their skills and interests. Winning employers will be those that offer freedom and flexibility to allow employees to work from anywhere and pursue their passions.

  1. What will be the lasting effects of the Great Resignation? 

Will people stick to leaving or changing their careers? Or will we all return to the office two years post-pandemic?

There will not be a widespread return to the office, according to Faith. Workers have gotten a taste of freedom and autonomy that they will want to maintain.

Faith’s Cashing Out trend recognizes that people have tired of the rat race and strive for simpler lives. Her Cocooning trend foreshadows a deeper retreat into our home life. Managers of the future will need to meet employees virtually in their homes.


Key points include:

  • Community
  • Infrastructure
  • AI

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