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A Davos Moment 


A Davos Moment 

Patrick Böert shares a short post on attending the WEF at Davos this year.

Spending time at #WEF Davos can leave you feeling the vanity, at times. 

Time is precious. After all, not everyone is here for serendipity, inspiration, and all the good stuff: a spark from a new insight into a topic. A new honest human connection you make. A true Davos moment that stays with you.

Many are household names at hashtag#WEF that have been coming for years. People to catch up with, and agendas to push. In back-to-back meetings, planned months in advance. “This is fascinating. Let’s catch up soon.”

Given this, kudos are due to the AI House Davos this year. 

I am typing this sitting in a little Swiss village house along the Davos promenade, buzzing with conversations on all sorts of hashtag#AI topics- something that dominates the hashtag#WEF conversation this year. From applications in material science to drug discovery, to robotics, to defendable hashtag#LLM vertical applications, longevity, and sensor fusion. You name it. Amazing vibes, great people, inspiring panels. What’s not to like?

Thank you Adrian Locher for the invite, and Mark Turrell for all the hashtag#Davos wisdom. If you are in Davos right now, walk over to Promenade 86 to the AI House Davos. They also have free coffee. And it’s good. 😀


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