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A Checklist to Prepare for the Future of Business


A Checklist to Prepare for the Future of Business

Gregory Borel shares a useful checklist for CEOs who are committed to moving towards NetZero and taking the necessary transformative steps.

For Commercial Real Estate leaders, the starting point on net-zero is often the ambition: we need to be net-zero by… 2030? 2040? with some of the detailed thinking left for later. 

This does not mean starting from scratch: most will have a baseline, a design track record sprinkled with BREEAM awards, some depth in energy efficiency and renewables production and sourcing, etc. 

What might be missing is a unified view from strategy to execution, a gap that will later scupper your plans. 

So here is our Transformation Checklist, followed by self-assessment questions to help you spot any gaps:

Strategy: clarity of the vision gets net zero on the rails

Rationale: are your board, executives and wider management aligned on why net zero must be a strategic priority?

Ambition: is your goal detailed enough to provide clarity to your plans?  

Business case: do you collectively understand the value drivers of net-zero, with initial targets?

If you are missing one of those three, decisions will get derailed later.

Organisation: get the right team for the job

Leadership: does everyone know who is in charge of delivering net-zero, at all levels, and is the leadership walking the talk?

Delivery model: have you mapped the required capabilities and decided what you should be able to do yourself?

Capability development: how will you get the right people and skills to deliver?

If any of the above is unclear, delivery will be slow, sub-optimal, and costly.


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