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22 Ideas to Grow Your Business in 2022


22 Ideas to Grow Your Business in 2022


22 Business development ideas for 2022

1. Craft a memorable fishing line. Video.

2. Identify your core network. Podcast.

3. Make your LinkedIn profile a client magnet. Podcast and template.

4. Create a project list. Podcast and template and sample..

5. Create a portfolio of sanitized sample work. Podcast.

6. Avoid common resume mistakes made by independent consultants. Podcast.

7. Start a newsletter. Podcast.

8. Start a podcast. Podcast.

9. Create the 5 types of content every consultant needs. Video.

10. Create a plan for the year. Podcast.

11. Craft winning proposals. Template.

12. Clarify your personal brand. Video.

13. Organize a thought leadership event including potential clients. Video.

14. Build a website in one day. Video

15. Create consistently excellent client experiences through defined processes. Video.

16. Hire your first associate. Video.

17. Set up a CRM system. Podcast.

18. Make outbound calls. Podcast.

19. Talk less and ask clients more of these questions. Podcast.

20. Engage a PR professional. Podcast

21. Work with a coach who serves independent consultants. Consider David A. FieldsMelisa LibermanAmanda WrightDeb Zahn

22. Level up by listening to podcasts focused on your functional area. Curated set of shows.