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10 Ethical Imperatives for Companies


10 Ethical Imperatives for Companies

In a world that seems increasingly confused and confusing, Peet van Biljon offers a straight path lined with signposts that bring us back to the basics of being a good human.

1.     Have a higher corporate purpose than making profits – know whom you want to serve and what good you want to contribute to society

2.     Choose true leadership – lead with humility and integrity, and look past appearances for new leadership talent

3.     Treat employees well – do not make unreasonable demands of workers and give them a healthy work-life balance

4.     Exchange value fairly – charge fair prices, pay fair compensation and do not unduly shift your costs to others

5.     Serve the best interests of your customers – never sell harmful products/services or promote abusive consumption patterns

6.     Deceive or coerce no one – use only ethical persuasion techniques and don’t exploit your negotiating advantages against weaker parties

7.     Treat suppliers equitably – don’t abuse your buying power and only enter into mutually beneficial transactions

8.     Respect the environment – don’t burden society with your externalities and work towards a sustainable future for all

9.     Do right by anyone you may have harmed – offer full restitution when your products or operations have caused harm

10.  Show trust in people – be generous to all and create opportunities for everyone to thrive

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