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As AI and new technologies change the world we know into the world of tomorrow, Olaoluwa Adeola takes it to the street level with a look ahead at how curbsides will change. The curb, the area adjacent to roads and walkways, is set for a transformation in the next era of mobility. Expect to see […]

Lawrence Adjah has been selected to be part of the Presidential Leadership Scholars, a six-month program that features course sessions led by distinguished professors and practitioners representing a variety of perspectives on leadership. Each year, a diverse group of mid-career professionals begin a journey to hone their leadership abilities through interactions with former presidents, key […]

In this article, Suhail Acharya makes a case for a high-quality primary care network to help optimize hospital capacity. Recent trends appear to make a case for health systems needing to diversify their revenue to maintain financial health. However, one strategy that is underappreciated is investing in primary care to optimize hospital capacity and generate […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marie Stohldreier. Marie is a co-founder at Skillz4Impact (, an Impact Venture Studio that partners with impact entrepreneurs in developing markets to define, accelerate and grow their businesses; and therewith enable them to create and scale long-term positive change in society. Prior to that Marie worked at McKinsey and has […]

In this article, Arthur Wojcicki explains how the 80-20 rule works and how it can be applied to business to yield stronger results and mitigate losses. Perhaps not everyone is familiar with the name Vilfredo Pareto, but many have probably come across his namesake, the Pareto Principle, also known as ‘the 80-20 rule.’ Popular as […]

Dealing with difficult employees is not a pleasant experience, however,  in this article, Zahra Abdullah provides practical tips on how to approach employees with a negative attitude and turn the situation around.  In my coaching conversations with leaders, we sometimes have to deal with problems concerning their employees’ attitudes. I’ve often heard a person I’m […]

Mike Dowhan shares how AI is changing the sales landscape and how salespeople can use it to their benefit.  The sales department plays a crucial role in any organization’s success. As technology advances, it is vital to understand the trends in sales, including AI. Its widespread adoption has transformed almost every sector, and its application […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michael Dowhan. Our mission is to provide sales strategy and leadership expertise to small and medium businesses (SMB) resulting in long-term, sustainable revenue growth. We go beyond sales consulting by partnering with business owners and taking a hands-on approach to build a solid sales foundation aligned with the business, hire […]

In this concise post, Chakshu Diwan shares a forecast on trends in 2024. Are you ready for the future? 🚀 Keep an eye on these exciting trends that are set to shape in 2024: 👉 BNPL Boom: Offering flexibility and convenience to consumers 👉 AI Strategy: A must-have for companies for efficiency and innovation 👉 […]

Ed Wiley asks the pertinent questions to help you determine whether your business is ready to adopt generative AI. There’s this cool, new technology on the block: Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, a little too much?While “thinking” machines have been around for decades, AI as we know it (or think we know it) […]