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Independent management consultants specializing in pricing

Umbrex is the fastest, most reliable way to find the right independent management consultant for a pricing project. Over 90% of our pricing consultants have prior experience at McKinsey, Bain, or BCG. The majority also have pricing experience in an industry role.

How we help clients with pricing

Implement a system to monitor the competitive pricing environment

Optimize prices based on end-customer value, product attributes, competition

Ensure a uniform, rules-based approach to delivering prices to the market

Communicate value to influence the buying decision

Pricing experience at top firms such as:

Executive Director of Pricing

EMEA Pricing & Strategy Expert

Senior Director of Pricing

Central Pricing & Marketing Analytics

Director, Pricing

Director, WW Pricing - Diabetes Solutions

Pricing Transformation Leader

Team Lead, Global Pricing CV & Diabetes

Head of Pricing

Director, Pricing

Industry examples of pricing projects


Improved pricing processes for a $10B agriculture company. Deployed pricing improvement projects worldwide leading to $120M annual margin increase.


Led pricing projects across three continents for an automotive manufacturer. Implemented new pricing instruments, pricing tools, and pricing guidelines.

Medical Devices

Improved profitability of a €170M medical device company by revamping pricing strategy. Achieved 18% EBITDA growth in one year.

Oil & Gas

Revamped gasoline pricing function at a wholesale and retail fuel company. Achieved a 10% increase in fuel gross profit.


Advised a quick-casual restaurant chain on menu design, price tiering, and add-on pricing to achieve 170 basis point improvement in EBITDA.

What clients say

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