The Foundation of a Successful Consulting Practice: How to Identify, Nurture and Expand Your Network Core with David A. Fields


The most reliable predictor of your success as a consultant, whether leading a boutique firm or a solo shop, is the strength of your firm’s Network Core. So says our frequent guest David A. Fields, who certainly works with enough consultants and consulting firms to know what he’s talking about.

But what is a Network Core? How do you find yours, how do you strengthen it, and what do you do with yours once you’ve found it?

Those questions and more will be answered in our upcoming session with David. He will lead us in an exploration of all things Network Core, including specific exercises to strengthen and leverage your Network Core to build your consulting practice.

David A. Fields is widely considered to be on the forefront of thought leadership for consulting firms. His second book, The Irresistible Consultant’s Guide to Winning Clients is not only on Book Authority’s list of the “best consulting books of all time,” it’s #1 on that list! David’s firm works with boutique and solo consulting firms all over the globe that want to scale, and helps build consulting practices that are lucrative and lifestyle-friendly.

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Date: October 5, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM
- 11:00 AM
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