Gain 250+ hours in 2023! (More revenue.. more time off…) with David A. Fields


If you were magically granted an extra five hours per week, what would that do for you? For your business? For your income? For your quality of life.

Perhaps you would invest more in business development, write a book, exercise more, start a podcast, or just spend more time with your family.

This session will help you implement a very specific, it’s-not-magic resource that’s proven to reduce your workload 5+ hours a week… if you know how to deploy it correctly.

That resource? An Executive Assistant (or Virtual Assistant)

David A. Fields will share the Time Finder worksheet his firm uses with small consulting firms, and we’ll use it to precisely pinpoint at least 5 hours of work time you can recover each week by collaborating more effectively with an Executive Assistant.

We’ll discuss why you really do need (more) executive assistance, how to find an Executive Assistant, what tasks to offload, how to transfer responsibilities, and how to ensure you’re successful with your Executive Assistant.

If you already do have an Executive Assistant, you are strongly encouraged to join – both to share your experience as well as to find ways to enhance your existing collaboration.

Event details

Date: December 1, 2022
Time: 10:00 AM
- 11:30 AM
Virtual Event

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