Adjunct Teaching for Independent Professionals: Why and How


In this panel conversation, independent consultants who also have adjunct teaching roles will share the pros, cons, hows, and whys of adding adjunct teaching as an element in their portfolio of activities.

Here is information on the panelists:

Adam Braff advises investors, boards, and senior leadership teams looking to extract maximum value from their investments in data and analytics. He brings extensive operating experience from CxO, EVP, and Managing Director roles leading global analytics and data teams at some of the world’s most data-intensive companies: JPMorgan Chase, DirecTV, Zurich Insurance, and Point72. He has led teams as large as 170 experts for enterprises with up to 60 million customer relationships. In every role, Adam’s analytics and data science teams have generated recurring top- and bottom-line improvements that were multiples of the team’s operating budget.
He teaches graduate students in business analytics at Brown and NYU, where he has been an adjunct instructor since 2019.
Dr. Niama T. Malachi, CMS is an accomplished Executive Leader and Organizational and Community Psychologist with a wealth of expertise in fostering growth and transformation for both organizations and individuals. With a strong foundation in Applied Clinical Psychology and a specialization in Change Management, she has dedicated her career to driving positive change in diverse environments. She is a Certified Change Management Specialist and Culturally Competent Leader, and CEO and Principal Consultant of The Social Consult, an Executive Coaching and Corporate Consulting agency specializing in leadership and achievement, organizational development, performance improvement, corporate wellness and work/life balance. You can find out more about Niama and her practice here.
Her adjunct experience includes teaching an array of psychology courses at Pepperdine University, Chicago State Univerisy, National Louis University, and Pacific Oaks College.
MaryKate Scott is a healthcare management consultant, author, public speaker, negotiations expert, and former adjunct with twenty-one years of experience in strategy, marketing, and digital solutions. She has a proven track record with a diverse range of healthcare organizations including pharmaceutical, provider, medical device, private equity and non-profit foundations, and is a former Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, and Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble. MaryKate’s clients include: Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis, Pfizer, Stanford Health, Brigham & Women, Meridian Health System, Medtronic, California Healthcare Foundation, Pew Trust, Gates Foundation, Google, Walmart, Safeway, Everyday Health, others.
Her adjunct experience includes MBA-level courses on business and healthcare at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and delivering business-related medical curriculum to physicians at USC’s Keck School of Medicine.

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Date: February 23, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM
- 01:00 PM
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