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Volker Wuerttenberger

Volker Wuerttenberger - Member Profile

Munich, Germany

Dipl Ing, Leibnitz Universität Hannover
McKinsey & Co
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Volker Württenberger is an independent consultant, management trainer and business coach since 2002. In this period he ran numerous improvement programs with reknown firms in the electrical, electronics, chemical and other industries. Prior to that he had spent 6 years with McKinsey & Company inc. and 5 years as CEO of SMG Strategic Management Group GmbH. He holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering and had spent 5 years in the computer division of Siemens AG.

His vast experience allows him to step right into many situations and his fact orientation and honesty earns him immediate trust from all levels in the organisation. Finding the hidden obstacles within an organisation and changing them to a useful promoter of improvement is what makes him particularly valuable. 

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