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MBA, Pennsylvania State University
McKinsey & Co
Study Group
Independent Consultant

For over 20 years, I, Volker Kohl, have navigated the intricate landscape of business transformation and sales effectiveness across the Asia Pacific and beyond. My journey, marked by a blend of strategic foresight, process refinement, and change management, has led to meaningful outcomes in various industries, including Higher Education, Logistics, and Consulting. An analytical thinker and proactive leader, I have a knack for turning strategy into action, which has contributed to key milestones such as a significant increase in student enrollment and notable annual savings through strategic transformation initiatives.

Now calling the dynamic city of Singapore home and fluent in both English and German, I am not only adept in business administration but also a seasoned hand in global team management, stakeholder relationship management, and talent learning and development. My approach is collaborative, my style is inclusive, and my focus is always on delivering tangible results that drive business success. I firmly believe that it is the people who make an organization truly great, and I am committed to fostering a culture that empowers individuals to thrive.

While I’m all about the numbers and data, I also know that a dash of humor can turn even the most daunting challenges into enjoyable puzzles to solve.

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