Victor Jones

Victor Jones - Member Profile

Los Angeles, CA

MBA, Emory University
Booz & Co
PA Consulting
VJ2 Consulting

My name is Victor Jones and I’m a senior brand strategist and management consultant with proven success in Fortune 100 firms and startup organizations. My expertise is in creating compelling brand stories and aligning internal operations to bring those stories to life. My client list, while as an independent and working for firms, runs the gamut from entertainment to financial services to pharmaceuticals. Besides being well versed in the standard consultant toolkit, my strongest capability is written communication.

In fact, I’m currently pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming a writer by posting weekly social commentary pieces on my substack page. I’m happy to collaborate with anyone who needs an analyst with an eye for detail or an author to help create business communication that stands out from the crowd.

I currently lives in Los Angeles where you will typically find me on my motorcycle or at the original Gold’s Gym when I’m not on my laptop.

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