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Vamsi Tetali

Vamsi Tetali - Member Profile

Atlanta, GA

MBA, Booth
McKinsey & Co
G. H. Smart and Co

Vamsi spent 3 years at McKinsey as a generalist before leaving the firm as an Engagement Manager to join G. H. Smart and Company (known informally as ghSMART). ghSMART is a leadership advisory firm that is best known for being the leader in conducting Executive Assessments. Often used for C-level hiring, these Executive Assessments are detailed career walkthroughs that is appreciated by both clients and candidates. Vamsi conducted more than 400 of these assessments at ghSMART, with about 200 of those being for C-level roles in a Private Equity context, and was rated ‘Distinctive’ for two consecutive review cycles before his exit from the firm. Towards the end of his time at ghSMART, Vamsi also served as the firm’s Head of Digital Products, which was a role focused on building Machine-Learning powered internal tools for consultants.

Vamsi has been independently providing executive assessment services through Synente LLC since 2022. Vamsi’s approach to executive assessments, as an independent consultant, combines the best of the ghSMART method of data collection with elements of Elliott Jaques Stratified Systems Theory and Kurt Fischer’s Skills Theory. This combination of methods was difficult to deploy prior to the LLM/ChatGPT era. Vamsi’s 5+ years of experience as a developer of fine-tuned machine learning models and his knowledge of ChatGPT (developed by sending more than 200,000 API requests to OpenAI’s models) helps him deliver assessments using this enhanced method at below-market rates.

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