Vaisakh Shankar

Vaisakh Shankar - Member Profile

Kochi, India

MBA, Berkeley
McKinsey & Co
Volvo AB
Independent Consultant

Vaisakh Shankar is an ex-Mckinsey consultant (SFO,VAN) and former strategy exec at AB Volvo (India), currently freelancing as an independent consultant while pursuing a full-time career as an actor. At Mckinsey, Vaisakh served clients across banking, automotive, entertainment and tech, setting up PMO and transformation roadmap for compliance remediation, post-merger expansion, data transformation etc. and did a stint at Mckinsey’s innovation bootcamp (Fuel).

He led strategic planning for different business units of the Volvo group in India , working on initiatives such as defining JV governance structure, developing GTM strategy for multiple brands and product lines, developing 3-year rolling business plans and PMO for review and due diligence for strategic investments. He led Volvo India’s electromobility program in India, resulting in the launch of the first electric hybrid bus in the country.

Vaisakh currently lives with his wife in Kochi, India and is planning a move to Vancouver, Canada as a permanent resident.

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