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Ulrich Schumacher

Ulrich Schumacher - Member Profile

Frankfurt, Germany

MBA, The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg
McKinsey & Co
Karstadt Warenhaus
Media-Saturn Holding
Independent Consultant

Ulrich is an expert in CRM, CEM, e-commerce and marketing; especially in the B2B and B2C retail environment. To date, he has been able to successfully apply his skills in various renowned companies in consulting and line functions. Ulrich is able to lead and realign large marketing areas in a contemporary and future-oriented way. Due to his extensive knowledge in the areas of on- and offline instruments, he achieved concrete marketing successes. He is familiar with the peculiarities of e-commerce sales channels, omni-channel marketing approaches and has a proven track record of building and expanding CRM programs profitably.

Ulrich is happy to collaborate on projects involving CRM and marketing in Europe.

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