Ulrich Riedel

Ulrich Riedel - Member Profile

Zurich, Switzerland

PhD, RWTH Aachen
McKinsey & Co

Ulrich Riedel is a trusted senior manager and management board member with 21 years of leadership experience in industrial companies, and as McKinsey project manager. For 2 years (and his entire professional life) he has been supporting industrial companies to increase their likelihood of successful and full-value execution (‘Gold Vein’ approach: https://www.drulrichriedelconsulting.ch/).

Ulrich lives near Zurich, Switzerland, with his Sr. Logistics-IT Project Manager wife and two wonderful and strong primary school daughters. He plays piano with passion (rather poorly though). Ulrich is happy to collaborate on how to increase execution success of ready-to-implement projects/ strategies/ change situations, mainly for industrial companies, in Switzerland, Europe and beyond (English and German only).

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