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Sanaz von Elsner

Sanaz von Elsner - Member Profile

Berlin, Germany

PhD, University of Göttingen
Bain & Co

Dr. Sanaz von Elsner is a certified systemic business coach and a certified career counselor.   As a coach she conducts workshops for a broad range of companies and non-profit organizations enabling them to improve teamwork, employee personal development of their employees and workplace atmosphere. She is specially focussed on all the leadership subjects and works with leaders on their struggles. Beside Companies. She also coaches individual clients in these areas with a focus on regarding fields, especially to supporting them to take the next steps in their career and to follow progress along that path.

Additionally, she is an active Member of Panda Women Leadership Network and nushu female network, platforms offering a broad network to support women for in their personal development and to build up strengthen their career. Sanaz worked before as a lobbyist for the Federal Association of Dentists in Germany, and previously worked as International Strategy Consultant for companies like PwC and B-Lue (a BCG-Spinoff and now Bain & Company).

Prior to that she worked as a dentist in Germany and the Netherlands. She holds a PhD in dentistry.

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