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Przemek Czerklewicz

Przemek Czerklewicz - Member Profile

Antwerp, The Netherlands

MSc, Rotterdam School of Mgmt
McKinsey & Co
Magnusson Law Firm
Independent Consultant

Przemek Czerklewicz worked as a specialist consultant focused on end-to-end support for M&As in the strategy practice at McKinsey. In 2017 he started his independent consultancy, advising on transactions, technology strategy and innovation. Przemek has been responsible for over 30 due diligence and acquisition screening studies, both for financial and industrial buyers. Most of his Clients are healthcare institutions, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, as well as high tech and social sector organizations. He has also managed pro bono projects in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, helping rising startups, local producers and farmers.

He currently lives in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

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