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Philippe Verplancke

Philippe Verplancke - Member Profile

Munich, Germany

PhD, University of Ghent
McKinsey & Co
XClinical GmbH
Aquahara Technology GmbH

As an electrical engineer, Philippe did a PhD in nuclear fusion research at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics near Munich, Germany. From 1997 till 1999, he was a (senior) associate at McKinsey & Co. focusing on projects in IT, supply chain and manufacturing cost optimization.

He founded his first startup in 1999 during the internet era, building a software platform to collect data from patients through mobile phones for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. His second startup, XClinical GmbH, built a B2B SaaS database platform to collect and process data for clinical trials. After successfully selling XClinical to private equity investors, Philippe founded Aquahara Technology and built a patent-protected system to produce drinking water using solar energy.

As a serial entrepreneur and an independent consultant he is an enthusiastic contributor to corporate ventures and innovation in the green tech, renewable energy, pharma, healthcare, and software industry, with a deep experience and understanding of product development, product management, business development and digital marketing.

Philippe has two sons, 16 and 18. With his new partner, he likes to travel the world and immerse in new cultures.

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