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Peter Stenbrink

Peter Stenbrink - Member Profile

Stockholm, Sweden

MSc, Linköping University
McKinsey & Co
Ernst & Young
S2E Consulting AB

Peter has worked in management consulting since 2001, starting at McKinsey in Stockholm, and later in Capto/Capacent, EY, and as a CEO and Managing Director for the Nordics at RGP, before starting his own practice in 2019. Prior to joining McKinsey, Peter spent four years at Atlas Copco North America as a Product Manager for Industrial Tools, gaining experience of working closely with Automotive and other manufacturing industries.

Peter’s experience includes dozens of working capital optimization and Supply Chain Financing projects in 30+ countries, strategy, transactions, turnarounds and restructuring, as well as sales and product management, and compliance and risk management.
Working as an independent consultant in the company S2E Consulting, he supports companies in effectively driving change and performance, from Strategy to Execution (S2E), in a wide range of sectors.

Projects may include:
– Cash flow and working capital optimization through operational process improvements and/or financial solutions for working capital
– Project and Program Management
– Training, workshop facilitation and roundtables
– Strategic and transaction-related advisory
– Interim management roles, especially in a transformation or turnaround context

Peter believes that the key to realizing lasting performance improvements is to work effectively with people, building awareness and ownership for the hands-on changes. He is based on Stockholm and open for projects alone or as part of a team in that region or with reasonable travel globally.

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