Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel - Member Profile

Boston, MA

MS, Northeastern University
McKinsey & Co
AspenTech Corp
Independent Consultant

— Consulting experience from a top-tier management consulting firm (McKinsey & Company).

— Consultant with extensive experience in Strategic Sourcing and Procurement/ Business Strategy.
Experience in fintech, healthcare, retail & CPG, and SAAS IT sectors managing direct/ in-direct spend, end-to-end transformation, implementation, and vendor relationship management.

— Expertise in operational excellence, contracts negotiation strategy, business strategy, proven strong record in supplier relationship management.

— Fast learner able to quickly understand and evaluate environments, industries, and business opportunities, and rapidly add value to teams and organizations.

— Expertise in creative problem-solving, strategy, operations, team and project management, modeling and analytics, and market evaluation.

— Experience in managing client relationships and influencing executives, front-line staff, and peers.

— Passionate for capability building, TCO, and change management.

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