Nilay Bhatnagar

Nilay Bhatnagar - Member Profile

New York, NY

MBA, Kellogg
McKinsey & Co
Independent Consultant

Nilay served as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company for almost 5 years in USA and Australia. While at McKinsey he focused on digital, data and innovation strategy work. One of his notable achievements includes designing a comprehensive digital strategy for a leading pharmaceutical company, focusing on enhancing patient engagement, optimizing clinical trial efficiency, and improving sales force effectiveness.

Before his tenure at McKinsey, Nilay served as a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, working within the Marketplace division. His time at the tech giant allowed him to gain invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

Nilay holds an MBA from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management.

Currently, he is expanding his skill set by exploring the fields of investment and day trading. In addition Nilay runs a successful side business coaching aspiring candidates for management consulting interviews, drawing upon his own experiences and insights.

Nilay currently resides in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. He is the lead guitarist of a local band and enjoys the thrill of playing poker with friends in his spare time. Nilay is always open to collaboration on projects related to digital strategy, innovation strategy, data analytics, and general management across North America and Europe.

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