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Murat Çeliksoydan

Murat Çeliksoydan - Member Profile

Istanbul, Turkey

MSc, Sabanci University
Boston Consulting Group

Murat is currently working as a partner in Valueplus Consulting, a boutique consulting firm focused on supply chain consulting, working capital management and transformation projects. Murat has more than 10 years of experience in supply chain management, operation model design, process management, channel strategy, customer segmentation and value proposition design. He has experience in production, consumer products and retail sectors.

He has workedin in Middle East region through his career in BCG around 1.5 years and currently, he is living in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife and new born twins. Murat is happy to collaborate on projects involving supply chain / working capital management fields in Turkey, Middle East or Europe. He can also utilize his junior team in Valueplus if requested.

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