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Maryana Dyachuk

Maryana Dyachuk - Member Profile

Chicago, IL

MA, Ternopil National Economics University
Bain & Co

Maryana Dyachuk honed her procurement expertise during a two-year stint at Bain, serving Fortune 500 clients and enhancing internal practices. Post-Bain, she navigated through the pandemic by founding a boutique consulting firm dedicated to operational excellence in pharma, partnering with major vaccine manufacturers. Starting as a supply chain analyst, Maryana climbed the ranks to lead a Fortune 500 procurement department, consulting with the globe’s largest manufacturers. A tech enthusiast, she’s keen on AI and digital transformations.

With dual citizenship, she oscillates between Chicago, USA and Ukraine. An avid mountaineer, Maryana is gearing up to conquer Aconcagua next year.

As hands-on Procurement Expert, She’ll happy to collaborate or assist on projects that centered around leading global Procurement teams to deliver innovative and impactful solutions that reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance performance.

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