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Martijn Thierry

Martijn Thierry - Member Profile

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Bain & Co
Codex Partners
Martijn Thierry Strategic Results

Martijn Thierry spent seven years at Bain in London and Amsterdam. He was part of the Bain team that set up the Amsterdam office and left as Senior Manager.  Prior to Bain, he gained his PhD on circular business at Erasmus University Rotterdam and published a leading article.

Martijnhas been running his own consulting firm for over 15 years. He has particular expertise in business strategy development, ESG strategy development, innovation and business development. Most of his work has been in B2B. He has worked across Europe. In addition to his work for companies, Martijn has advised multiple NGOs on their strategy. He has hands-on experience of setting and scaling up innovative social ventures (in water & sanitation, and in road safety).

He lives east of Amsterdam with his wife and two young sons. Martijn is happy to collaborate on projects involving business / ESG strategy (including circular business) in Europe.

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