Loddie Foose

Loddie Foose - Member Profile

Princeton, NJ

PhD, Berkeley
Boston Consulting Group
Independent Consultant

Loddie Foose, PhD helps clients unlock the limitless potential of their organizations and people. She supports senior healthcare executives in developing and strengthening strategies that will also enable high-performance execution in their teams, integrating core strategy development with transformational leadership approaches. Loddie has worked in the healthcare industry for two decades, both in operational / P&L roles and as a former management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Her experience spans biotech, pharma, global health, and the payer-provider space. She brings a unique enterprise perspective and ability to bridge across different people and areas, having held roles in commercial, strategy, R&D, manufacturing, quality, and technical services, and having worked in markets in the US and Internationally.

She lives in New Jersey with her family, and is also a writer, artist, martial arts student, and award-winning leader in the gender equity space.

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