Harsh Sahai

Harsh Sahai - Member Profile

Vancouver, Canada

McKinsey & Co
Bridgetown Research

Harsh Sahai was formerly an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co., where he primarily worked with technology companies helping optimize the product development function. He advised clients on managing for long-term growth by refining strategy, designing robust R&D programs, retooling software development teams, and setting up people management processes. Harsh also worked with PE portfolio companies, helping quickly set up a technology organizations to drive short-term value creation.

Before McKinsey & Co., Harsh was a lead research scientist of a large artificial intelligence research program at Amazon. His group drew upon cutting-edge research in the field of machine learning, statistics, and optimal control theory, to develop algorithms to manage a major price war, measure outcomes of key strategic decisions, optimise investments in top-line growth, and enable several $1B+ Amazon products.

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