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Frank Mattes

Frank Mattes - Member Profile

Frankfurt, Germany

MSc, U of Southern Cal
Boston Consulting Group

Frank is an expert in corporate business-building and in corporate innovations. He advises (up to Fortune 10) leading companies on how they can get beyond the statistical 3 percent chance of creating a sizable new business. Frank has already published two books on this issue and has been named ‘thought leader’ in the Lean Startup space by Thinkers360.

Frank started his career in a boutique consulting agency before joining the Boston Consulting Company. He then joined a greenfield startup and scaled it up as a Member of the Board. After the Trade Sale of this business, Frank worked as Independent Professional in the SAP and e-commerce space before he focused on innovation. His initial interests were open innovation and Digital-powered innovation.

In 2018, Frank recognized as a pioneer the corporate new-business building problem.

Since then, this has been his primary area of business.

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