Farah El-Hindi

Farah El-Hindi - Member Profile

Dubai, UAE

MMP, U of Sydney
McKinsey & Co
Dept of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi
Independent Consultant

Farah is a management consulting professional who has been delivering across diverse contexts within the government and private sectors in the region. Her career spans 12 years of experience, mainly with Elixir, a Saudi-based consulting firm that is part of McKinsey & Company.

Elixir was part of the consortium that spearheaded the transformation and national vision of Saudi Arabia, and Farah is proud to have been at the forefront of that frontier at its onset. Through her work supporting the delivery of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, she has gained an agile, passionate and optimistic perspective; grounded in a can-do mindset to enable wider behavioural and structural changes while maintaining a balanced and nuanced understanding of the human element and utilizing the tools of change management.

Recently, she worked within the thriving culture and tourism domains with the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi as part of the Strategic Management Office / Office of the Undersecretary.

With solid experience in supporting executive teams & high-level leadership, designing and implementing communication strategies, project management and delivery, and capability building programs, Farah is looking to propel her career forward through transitioning into an independent consultant based out of the United Arab Emirates.

She is excited about delivering change for the region; backed up by her love for, and mastery of, her native Arabic language and deep appreciation for the culture and potential of the region.

Farah is keen on collaborating on projects in the region.

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