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Darryl Stickel

Darryl Stickel - Member Profile

Victoria, Canada

PhD, Duke
McKinsey & Co
Trust Unlimited
Luxembourg School of Business

Darryl Stickel served as a consultant for the Toronto office of McKinsey & Company prior to founding his own company Trust Unlimited. Darryl has spent the last 20 years helping idnividuals and organizations understand what trust is, how it works, and how to build it. During those 20 years Darryl has worked with a wide range of organizations around the globe on issues of trust. Included in this was work helping the Canadian military in it’s attempts to build trust with the locals in Afghanistan. Darryl’s expertise on trust stems from his doctoral thesis, building trust in the face of hostility, written while at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. This theoretical knowledge combined with years of practical, applied experience give Darryl a rare perspective on issues related to trust.

Teaching in Luxembourg and working with global companies have also allowed Darryl to learn and apply his insights in a remarkable range of settings. Darryl is happy to collaborate and act as a thougtht partner and coach. Darryl lives in Victoria BC Canada and has 2 sons that are the centre of his life.

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