Claudia Molina

Claudia Molina - Member Profile

New York, NY

MBA, Harvard
Booz Allen Hamilton
American Express
Claudia Molina Consulting

Claudia Molina is a Harvard M.B.A. grad and Senior Operations, Strategy and Customer Success executive who has driven ~$1B+ in growth and efficiencies for startups and Fortune 500 companies by scaling and transforming technology, processes, and people operations. Most recently she was a senior leader in Global Operations at Meta, implementing tools and technology for human data labeling that improved the company’s AI / ML models. In addition, she held leadership roles in Retail/Consumer, and Financial Services companies including Hudson’s Bay Company, JP Morgan Chase and American Express, spearheading cross-functional efforts to drive digital transformation and deliver customer experience and revenue goals.

Claudia’s expertise includes mobilizing teams to work together effectively, building strong partnerships, developing strategy, and driving the execution of a company’s top priorities to achieve business growth and profitability.

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